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Hi Y’all! Here is a little about me:

  • I love being a mom to my little helper man, Brently. Now Four years old and what a personality! Trying my best to raise him to be a strong independent young man that any other mom would love to have as a son-in-law. 
  • I Love Pintrest! If I can DIY it you can bet yourself I’m going to try. 
  • I also have a strange obsession with Organizing Everything. Everything must have a label in a box in a box on a shelf labeled in a labeled cabinet :)).
  • I got my start in nursing as an RN and soon learned that I love to help people in so many other ways than bandaging boo-boos and saving lives. This has lead me to photography. Now I get to combine my love of DIY, Structured OCDness, and helping others to capture those lifetime memories.