What to wear to look your best!

All the Science!

A good outfit starts with the…Color Wheel! If you want to know the specifics behind how to choose the right colors for your outfit browse this page. 


Types of outfits.

Each Season brings with it it’s own style and accessories. Hop on over here to look at styles by season and place. 

Our Favorite Stores

If you are wanting to get the whole family a new outfit check out these stores, or may just grab a few accessories.

Style Guide

Once you book I will send you a style guide to help you pick out something to wear. I am Always available for text of  your choices!

First Step: MOM!

As moms we always put the kids first. We find cute little outfits and then look 1000 places to find something to “match” that cute button down with suspenders only to settle on something boring that we decide on because we can’t find anything else. WRONG! Your first step is to find the perfect outfit for YOU! Lets be honest kids clothes are Everywhere and they are all so cute. So find an outfit for yourself and then we can easily find a cute one for the kids.

Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.

No Matter what dress in something you feel Confident in! Your confidence will shine through in your smile and in every picture.

Coordinate & Compliment

Matchy Matchy was a thing of the 80’s. Outfits are not supposed to match each other. Gone are the days of denim and white shirts for the family. 

Color & Patterns

 Our old friend the color wheel is back. You can click the link below to find out the science and specifics on the color wheel.  When planning your outfit you want to choose outfits that compliment each other in color and style.  If everyone is wearing pants, no shorts and flip flops. Better yet…No Flip flops ever! Choose either your lights, brights or dark colors.  If you like lively photographs, choose that triad color scheme and choose some good pops of color. You can always go classic and stay in the neutral color pallet.  Do you want to focus on the beautiful location? Choose some soft colors that are all similar in shade such as pale pinks and creams. If you want to pop out from the beach choose bright pinks coordinate with turquoise. Pick your first outfit for mom and see what colors are in it. Now pull from that outfit. Find colors that compliment it (are across from it on the color wheel).   Use those colors to find outfits for the littles and dad.  You can choose colors next to each other to help plan their outfits. 

Go Bold and choose a color across from each other, or go simple and choose colors that are next to moms on the color wheel. Use the colors across from each other to accessorize!  Mom can wear a yellow summery dress and her daughter can have a green skit and pale yellow shirt while the son has a cute pair of purple suspenders and dad has a purple tie. OR Moms yellow dress can be complimented with dad in a navy short sleeve shirt (Because blue and yellow are across each on the on the wheel.) Then use other shades of blue and yellow for the little ones.  If your little girl is going to wear a pale pink dress, your son can wear the cutest gray vest with a pale pink bow tie, or make him pop with a sky blue tie! Send me Moms outfit of choice and I’ll help plan the rest!

Plaid, Stripes, So Many Choices!

The plaid here are of the same color family but the shirts are not the Same. The plaid adds interest and brings thoughts of fall weather.

A simply pattern that is not competeing with the image. This session is all about momma and her bump. 

Keep it Simple

Patterns area a great statement piece….But lets keep it simple. If your one outfit is a dress with bold flowers all over it then use that dress as your focal point. Pull from that dress the colors of the flowers and dress everyone else based on those colors. If one person has stripes, keep everyone else in plain shirts and just Layer!

Friends don't let Friends leave the house leave the house without accessories

A touch of a flower crown to this little girl brings out her playfull nature.

Accessories add color & Interest

I want You to be the star of the show, not the giant headband bow; however, adding in little pops of color in scarfs, bow ties, and jewelry can make an outfit look complete as well as combine the whole family. Accessories can also add fun to a shoot, such as using moms scarf to wrap around dad to pull him in for a kiss, or mommies hat used to give your little girl that innocent baby girl feel. 

Summer time it is always fun to accessorize with a fun floppy hat and sunglasses with a cute anklet and strappy sandals.  Suspenders with just a pair of shorts are always cute. Accessories make it so easy to change up your pictures and give you variety! Those same suspenders can be taken with a plain shirt for family pictures and then remove the shirt and just do suspenders, shorts and bare feet for solo pictures!  Don’t forget to layer! A simply dress with a cardigan is a perfect fall look that are easy to color coordinate with the fam! Button up shirts and vests with dads always offer a classic feel. Boots and boot socks with lace…how can you go wrong?!

Lets talk meaningful

Your photo session is for you to love. Images that you will cherish for a lifetime. Subtle props can make a photograph a memory of when opposed to just a picture of the family. 


I Love Props. Items brought along to help capture those authentic moments of a little boy and his toys. A boat fits the atmosphere of the beach and does not distract from him but just adds a little something extra. 

The focus is you, but the memories are what you have. If you have a special item that is significant to your family…Bring it!  Little man have a special teddy he can’t live without, bring it!  Do you want your little girl to have flowers in her hair? Bring a bouquet of daises and we can do SO much with those!  I Love to use props, whether a simple starfish at the beach or a basket of apples for school pictures. They allow children something to interact with and take their mind off of the camera.

The balloons add an extra special element to this little girl. She has her loved teddy and a pair of balloons for her second birthday. The teddy is something she cherishes and is a memory of her two year old years.

Feet Matter Too!

Your pose is spot on, everyone is enjoying theirselves in the photo. A fun memory is captured. You print the photo and hang it up and what catches your eye?……The bright red spider man sneakers, the only shoes you could find as your rushed out of the house……………

Add Personality

If your little girl wears her rain boots everywhere, those are the memories we will look back on and smile. Family pictures do not necessarily have to include them, but some solo shots of her....Priceless.


Is there anything cuter than a little ones toes in the sand? If we will be doing poses sitting down, no one wants to see the bottom of shoes. Sometimes feet are best!

Add to the Session

Adding in a pop of color or some funky heels can bring a whole new element to a session. Not all photos have to have the same shoes, bring a pair along to change into.

- Don't Forget the Little Piggies -

May your feet take you where your heart wants to go.

Shoe Options

No Sneakers! Unless you are wearing some type of funky converse shoes that go with your style, leave the sneaker/tennis shoes at home. Use the feet to bring in the other family members colors. Pull a bright color from moms dress and apply that color to your little girls shoes in a cute ballet flat! Feet can be fun, make it that way.   Sperrys are always great for any of the guys or little boys. Strapply sandals for mom and flats for little girls.

Don’t be afraid to wear shoes that don’t match Your outfit, do the colors compliment the family outfits? It is always fun to bring a second pair of shoes to your shoot. Everyone can wear simple shoes for the family session and then change into something that shoes more personality for some solo shots of everyone.  

Twirl it!

Movement in clothing is the Best! Choose clothing that moves in the breeze that you can interact with. 

Grab it!

If you can play with it or grab on to it in any way, its a go. 

Put thought into your outfits

What you wear will make your photographs go from “Awe” to “Wow, ya’ll look so good”.  When choosing what to wear, dresses and skirts are the Best for the girls. They allow movement in your images; whether that be your little girl twirling around, or mom just toughing the skirt and turning slight sideways.  For the guys, if you can grab it Wear it! Jackets, vests with pockets, a collared shirt. Little boys are always cute in suspenders or ties. Pants with pockets for the boys are a must!

Still clueless? NO WORRIES! I will e-mail you a style guide when you book!!

Learn More

Help is here

I want you to enjoy your session and not stress. So I am here to help all along the way. Once you book I e-mail you a style guide to help. I ask that you text me your clothing options so I can help you to style your session. No idea where to start? Send me a picture of your closet! We can pick something out and coordinate.