Let’s Flamingle

Is there any little girl that loves flamingos more than this one?!

Yep that is right Ari got to bring in just a few of her flamingo animals and have a little party in stuido. You can tell from the pictures that Ari had a great time!

Her session came in three parts. A dance off in her twirl dress, then a little fruit buffet to enjoy all by herself, followed by a little fun in the s….studio lights. 

When you come to the studio its promised to be a good time for all involved.

We jammed out to a little island music and did a little dancing after the fruit. She was a great sport in learning the moves! Ari didn’t know she was in for a island adventure she though she was just coming to play with flamingos. I think she pulled it off great!

I think she definitely had a good time, and mom has some good videos to show her boyfriend later in life of her dance moves.