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So you've booked, Now what?

Not sure where to start for your up coming session? Here is a good place. You will find information on what wear, how to dress, what to bring and all of that information. Style guides will also be e-mailed to you after you have confirmed your booking! 

What to Wear?!

Visit this link and I will give you some pointers on choosing your outfit. The import thing is everyone feels Comfortable!

What to bring?

Your session is to showcase you and your beautiful family. I do want you to have a fun and relaxing session, so browse this page for tips and what to pack.

Where to Shop?

Everything you Need is already in your closet. If you want to shop for new outfits for the Fam or just add in some new accessories, I have listed a few of my favorite places here.

How to Prepare for your session:

Talk it up:

The most important thing to get ready for your session is to have everyone on board. Let dad know he gets a say and the kids get to bring along a favorite item. If you talk about the session as a fun experience and not “Now everyone has to behave and smile” then everyone will be excited. Start by prepping little ones as a fun field trip that is coming up. Ask them to think of one thing they want to bring along, whether that be a favorite toy, blanket, shoes, sunglasses. Whatever it is let them know they will get their own moment during the shoot to show the “picture lady” whatever it is. It has to be kept in a bag so it stays Safe and so it is a surprise! Prep your kids this way and they will be SO excited about the session and will want to keep their treasure hidden until just the right time. 

Keep Scrolling below for how to prepare for your session.. 

Cheese is for Crackers!

The goal of my session for you is to capture authintic family moments with those genuine smiles. When you stand behind the camera and tell your little boy to “just say cheese and look at the picture lady” it causes un natural facial expressions. It is my job as your photographer to capture beautiful images. Joke with your children, interact with them, tickle them, throw them up in the air. Do Anything but, “Say Cheese”.  I give you full permission to throw leaves at my head to get their attention, to make fun of laying on the ground, to PRETEND to step on my head. If it makes them laugh, do it!

Hangry now allowed

You know that snickers commercial? The one where everyone is being a drama queen, and then they return to normal after a snickers? Yeah, Thats Everyone. Please make sure everyone has a meal before the shoot. It is also encouraged to bring along snacks, juice, little treats for a job well done. 

Click the button below for a quick short snack list on some good ideas for snacks to pack and what Not to pack.

What to Wear?

The number one question asked! No worries, I have a page for that. Click the button below and you will find all you ever wanted to know about colors and dresses, and what to get where.  TEXT me Any questions. I want your photographs to be Beautiful. Please ask me if you have any questions. I will ask you to text me your outfit choices so I can help plan any props and color coordinate. Your outfit also makes a different depending on the location of your shoot. 

Style guide to the rescue!

Once you confirm your booking, I will e-mail you a style guide to help you along the way along with a checklist. 

Relax! Have FUN !