What to Wear



Pick the right colors to make your images beautiful! You want to be able to look at your photographs and be remember this session!

Types of


A great outfit will make the session! Make sure everyone coordinates, but doesn’t “match”. You can always contact me to help  you pick out an outfit and coordinate everyone!

Bring it all


Click the link below to see some great outfits and ideas on what to buy and look in your closet for!


  • Here are your 3 Spring & Easter colors:
  •  Pastels: ranging from Pink and Greens to a light and airy blue for Easter or:
  • Bright and bold vibrant colors such as Aqua and Magenta!
  • Neutrals like cream, tans, and grays.
  • Florals and Pok-a-dots are always great!

Pick one or two colors from the list and then add in varying shades of those colors for everyone else.

Mistakes & Magic

You are investing in these family pictures, make them last a lifetime. 

When you are picking out your outfits keep a few things in mind:

  1. No Logos or distracting patterns!  Make sure your kids shirts do not have any writing or logos on the chest.
  2.  If Brother has a plaid shirt on, pull the plaid into your little girls headband, but don’t put her in a plaid dress.
  3.  No sneakers/tennis shoes! Boots, loafers, flats, vans, sperry’s are all acceptable. Tennis shoes will stick out of any picture.  Bare feet is always cute for spring pictures!
  4. Coordinate and Compliment do not Match!

Accessorize and Bring it all Together

For the Boys:

Boys are usually left out of all the fun when it comes to clothes. Here are a few things you can do to take your son’s pictures from “awe” to “wow look at that little man!” All of these items can be found at Amazon!:

  1. Suspenders!  Just go to Amazon and search for Toddler Suspenders. The options are endless. This is where you coordinate colors with siblings. If brother is wearing a pastel green shirt and sister is wearing a floral pink dress, then pull a pink from her dress for the suspenders. 
  2. Bow Ties  can be worn with the suspenders or without. Little boys are Adorable in bow ties.
  3. Vests! We always forget about these, but they can really pull a outfit together! Put him in a cute long sleeve pastel shirt and add in a fun pop of color with a vest and roll the sleeve up and pair with a pair of khaki shorts…DONE!
  4. Newsboys Hats of any kind.  They will only wear them for a second, but that is all we need to get the shot!

For the Girls

Little girls are always so fun to dress and there are sooo many good options out there in town. Old navy will never fail you!

  1. Obviously Bows/Headbands make the top of the list! If you have a girl you already know where to get them I bet. Amazon again to the rescue to help you compliment the siblings. The bow does not have to match the dress, just make it match the siblings!
  2. Fun floppy hats are always so cute on little girls and so spring!
  3. Scarfs in sheer fabrics give the little girls something to hold on to and play with for pictures
  4. Leggings are a great way to add that pop of complimenting color as well!



Add a pop of color in accessories! Don't forget to layer your outfits. A beautiful lace cream dress with a cute cardigan over it. You can color the cardigan as a neutral or use that as your coordinating color. Boys get the suspenders to help coordinate with sister!
Click Here
Light and Airy
Light blue is so soft and fresh. A simple romper to match brothers button up. Keep the rest care free and easy with khaki shorts and suspenders. Add a touch of "pretty" with a floral head band.
Click Here
Mint and Light pink
Classic Easter Combo color. A simple floral dress. Brother wears the main color i a polo. Dress it up with a coordinating tie from a color from the dress and if you'd like add in a layer with a vest.
Click Here
Modern Coral and Mint
A simple outfit you probably already have in the closets. Pick a plaid from his closet and simply pick a solid dress in a color of the plaid. Use accessories to coordinate sister!
Click Here
Baby Blues
A nice fairy dress adds texture to your images paired with a cardigan to add layers. Brother is easy with a pair of khakis and a plaid shirt to match sister. Layer with a vest to bring it all together.
Click Here
Corals and Denim
SO CUTE! Simple denim paired with a nice spring peachy pink. Each outfit has a peach and denim color.
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